Becoming An Umpire Checklist

Information From the OHSAA - New Officials Information Page

Many different reasons exist why someone would what to umpire, for whatever that reason, if you are reading this, you are considering becoming an umpire. Congratulations!  You are on your way to joining one of the most rewarding avocations anywhere.  We are a close knit fraternity of sorts.  Umpiring is an avocation that will allow you to not only make life-long friends with a common interest but also allow you to make some extra money along the way.  It's the best way to stay close to the game after having finished playing or coaching.  


Step 1: Take the OHSAA Officiating Class


Step 2: Take Officiating Exam at The Conclusion of Your Course


Step 3: Complete Concussion Training

Step 4: Receive Officiating Permit After Successfully Completing The Course 

Step 5: Contact an Assigner to Speak About Receiving Games (find your district on the list)

Step 6: After Your First Year Officiating - Join a Local Official's Association

Step 7: Annual Renewal of Permit Each Year in June